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The Formulate® line of fabric towers add architecture and drama to any event or trade show space. Towers are available in a variety of shapes including square, cylinder, and shield, and range in size from 8ft up to 12ft high.

Combining the latest developments in printed fabric technology with durable aluminum tube frames, towers add dimension, décor and sculpture to any event, trade show booth, stage set or interior space. Easily add LED display lighting to illuminate.

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Tower Size
  1. 8'1
  2. 10'1
  3. 12'1

Funnel/Tower Shape
  1. 4-sided2
  2. Cylinder1

Hardware Warranty
  1. Lifetime Warranty1

  1. Made in North America1Product includes carry bag or case1Product can be recycled1Rental Product1

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Formulate Cylinder Tower 02 Tension Fabric Structure

Combining the latest developments in fabric printed technology and aluminum tube frames, the 10ft Fabric Cylinder Tower 02, adds decor and sculpture to any event, stage set, tradeshow booth or interior space. Both the top and bottom have diameters of 3ft, allowing the Cylinder Tower 02 to make a dramatic visual impact without taking up valuable fl...

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