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Freestanding Monitor Kiosk

The Freestanding Monitor Kiosk is a superior multimedia display that can be used for multiple applications, as well as in trade show exhibits and for events. Kiosks include monitor mounts to support either a medium or large size TV. Monitor mounts support TV's up to 40 lbs and 37" -70" in size, and can be adjusted to the perfect height.


Universal Shelf

The Universal Shelf Bracket is specially designed to be compatible with the Formulate Universal Clamp and Linear Universal Clamp to provide the ultimate flexibility in adding accessories to any Formulate or Linear display. Simply attach to a universal clamp to add a sturdy shelf component to any display. Shelves are available in circle, triangle a...

Xclaim Shelf

The Xclaim™ Shelf is an optional 2.5ft wide (1 quad) shelf accent for Xclaim Fabric Popup displays. Attaching shelves to assembled Xclaim units is easy. No tools are required for assembly – simply attach stabilizing clips to the Xclaim scissor arms, and place the shelf on top! Shelves are the perfect accent to add product, additional s...

Freestanding Shelf

The Freestanding Shelf is a great addition to any interior space, tradeshow exhibit or event display that requires small products to be on display. The heavy-duty construction ensures your products are supported and displayed well. The Freestanding Shelf can hold up to 15lbs and is easy to assemble.

Embrace Single Shelf Kit

The Embrace™ Single Shelf Kit is portable, easy-to-use and adds functionality & flair to any 8ft tall Embrace frame (3 quads high). Simply place the shelf where desired and instantly add space to display small merchandise, awards and more!

Embrace Double Shelf Kit

The Embrace™ Double Shelf Kit adds flair and functionality to any 8ft tall Embrace backwall. Simply attach the shelves to the frame where desired to create space for displaying small merchandise, giveaways, awards and more!

Hybrid Pro 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 21

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 21 is a dynamic modular exhibit that features an 8' tall backwall, two sidewalls , six shelves for small product display and a central monitor mount that holds a medium sized monitor. Push-fit SEG fabric graphics are easy to apply to the backwall and the interior and exterior facing side walls.

Hybrid Pro 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 27

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 27 is a minimal, yet sophisticated modular exhibit that features three fabric backwalls, the center wall with three shelves for small product display. Experience how less is more with this simple and sophisticated modular display.

Hybrid Pro 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 30

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 30 is a modern, sleek modular exhibit that will create a WOW-inducing impresion in your next tradeshow. Kit 30 features three push-fit fabric backwalls. The center wall includes a monitor mount that can hold a medium monitor; the sidewalls feature three black shelves to display small products. The canopies ...

Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 22

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 22 is a 20' inline modular exhibit with lots of bells and whistles. The center wall accommodates up to three medium to large size monitors for multimedia display. Six shelves hold small products for demonstration and display. The sidewalls add privacy and include graphics that face inside and outside of the...

Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 28

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 28 is a contemporary and angular modular exhibit. The backwall encompasses five fabric backwalls - three tubular angular shaped backwalls (center and sides) and two extrusion based backwalls. Graphics are a combination of push-fit SEG fabric and pillowcase stretch fabric. Six shelves are built into the back...

Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 31

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 31 is a functional, fashionable modular exhibit that will turn heads at your next tradeshow. Kit 31 features five push-fit fabric backwalls. The center wall includes a monitor mount that can hold a medium monitor. Two of the backwalls feature three black shelves to display small products; canopies above inc...

Hybrid Pro 20x20 Modular Island Kit 23

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 23 is a sophisticated and symmetrical 20ft x 20ft island exhibit, perfect for an exhibitor looking for features and functionality. Kit 23 features a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion center frame that supports two square-shaped fabric structures. The top fabric structure is a tube structure with pillowcase fabr...

Hybrid Pro 20x20 Modular Island Kit 29

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 29 is a modular 20ft x 20ft island exhibit kit that offers a plethora of features and a modern appearance. The center floor-based display is nearly 8ft tall and 8ft wide and includes three shelves on each side. A lockable door on the side of the center structure allows for accessible and secure storage. Tri...

Hybrid Pro 20x20 Modular Island Kit 32

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 32 is a modular 20ft x 20ft island exhibit that will captivate your audience and draw them in to meet with you. Hybrid Pro Kit 32 offers a combination of both multimedia and plenty of shelving for small products to be on display. Two displays anchor the exhibit on the sides - each includes six shelves, push...

Hybrid Pro 20x20 Modular Island Kit 20

Hybrid Pro™ Modular Kit 20 is a 20ft x 20ft island exhibit that creates a commanding presence on the show floor and is perfect for the serious exhibitor. Kit 20 features two buttress structures that support an aluminum ring structure overhead to broadcast your brand. Accented by push-fit SEG fabric graphics, Hook and loop attached graphic pa...

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